ReactJS Developer

Job Description

We are building a next-gen, powerful & optimized cloud hosting system to ease-in DevOps activity for VPS and hosting servers. The goal is to complete complex tasks in a few clicks rather than command line. Using technologies are GO, React, Bash, Linux Systems.

We are building an elegant yet powerful control panel designed to simplify your VPN, Server & Apps management. It's easy-to-use dashboard includes all the features required to perform most of your management tasks, especially the complex ones.

Job Responsibilities

One will work with Linux/Cross-platform operating systems, TypeScript, ReactJS, NextJs, JavaScript, JQuery, Tailwind CSS, Unit and Integration Test writing. One will be self-driven and independent with little or no supervision (Senior) to work on their project. One will be responsible for developing, maintaining and updating/upgrading web applications and websites of the company. One will have to take responsibility for their own work and code.

Deadline & Vacancies

Deadline: 27-Jun-2021
Code : 3da2adaa-6fcc-react-aa57-332811699de8
Vacancies : 1

Salary Range

BDT. 40K-75K per month. Yearly package: 13 x monthly offer.

- Bonus
One extra month salary divided by two Eid festivals (Starts after 1st year on the job).

- Paid time off (PTO)
15 days yearly (After completion of probation period).

- Salary Notes
13 months of salary paid for 12 months of work.
Actually, excluding PTOs and holidays, it is somewhat around 11 months of work and 13 months of pay. Salary depends on your skillset and negotiation skills.
If you are exceptional then we can go higher than the range defined, it all depends on your adaptation skills and attitude.

We Hire Candidates Based on Merit, Not Background.


Use your desktop to read the documents, as mobile browsers sometimes cannot reach header link parts and create chaos and confusion. Read every detail carefully, 90% of job seekers failed because they didn’t read documents carefully. It takes about an hour to apply for the job, we take every candidate seriously. It is not like other job posts where candidates apply and do not get a reply back in months. We will reply very quickly and to all, even those who are rejected. There is a good chance of getting hired who follows full instructions. Please take note of the job for the next step.

Equal Opportunity & Assessment

Evatix is an equal opportunity employer where employees are only evaluated based on their adaptation, skill-sets, and knowledge rather than conventional academic backgrounds or certificates. Here you will be valued for your passion for coding and achieving goals. If you love taking challenges, problem-solving, learning new things then look no further than Evatix.

Selection Steps

Selection will be done by all three/two steps from these - Practical (2 days), Written (2-3 hours) and Interview (~40mins).


  • - Having an engineering background or degree is an advantage, however, it is not a requirement.
  • - Don’t care! As long as you clear the interview and exam process.


  • - No Professional experience required (as long as you can clear the exams)

Technology Stacks

  • - JavaScript
  • - ReactJS
  • - GraphQL

  • - TypeScript
  • - NextJS


Must have

  1. Topmost: adaptation skills, learn things quickly, meant it literally.
    • - Immediately get hired regardless of the education background.
  2. Strong understanding of JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS (including best practices), Front-end skill-set.
  3. Familiarity with usage of advanced features of ReactJS (including React Hook, Context API & GraphQL)
  4. Proficiency in
    • - NodeJS
    • - Bootstrap/TailwindCSS
    • - CSS preprocessors like SASS/SCSS
    • - Responsive design
    • - HTML5/CSS3/Web3.0
  5. Basic knowledge of REST, HTTP protocols, WebAPI
  6. Git version control

Nice to have

  • - Markdown syntax
  • - Idea about AdobeXD, Figma
  • - Familiarity with integration of data storage solutions with MySQL, PostgresQL, Redis and writing complex SQL queries and database schema design, plus GraphQL.
  • - MVC design pattern is a plus
  • - Conversion of XD to HTML/ReactJS element
  • - Good understanding of
    • - OOP concepts
    • - Algorithm
    • - Data structure
    • - BigO Concepts
    • - Principals: SOLID, DRY
  • - In depth understanding of entire web development process (design, development and deployment)
  • - Integration of SEO
  • - One should have own computer for the probation period only (Processor: AMD Ryzen6 5 3600 [CPU passmark benchmark 17K+] or similar in benchmark, RAM 16GB minimum, Nvme 512)
Extended Deadline: 29-Jun-2021 has passed!